The All Important Operations Plan June 29, 2021
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An Operations Plan is used to fill in ALL the blanks of how your business works: who, what, when, where, and how. Why goes somewhere else.

In this session you will learn to spell out:

  • How you are going to make sales. Identify the process.
  • What is needed (direct and overhead costs) to deliver the company’s offering.
  • How you intend to get paid.

Figuring out “what is needed” is an essential step one. Then you must identify costs of making your operation happen - both as a startup and in the ongoing day-to-day running of your business. Without an accurate understanding of costs, it is impossible to accurately project the resources needed at startup or to support long-term profitability.

Heath Waldorf, one of our Certified SCORE Mentors will be the presenter for this webinar. Heath Waldorf spent 12 years as a manager of marketing and operations for a regional service enterprise. While in that role, he also got his Masters from NYU in Management and Systems – a program designed to help business owners and managers be successful in the modern world by leveraging current technologies. He has spent the past 6 as an independent consultant helping companies be successful by objectively examining their businesses from the outside. Heath loves solving problems for business owners and has been a SCORE volunteer for 3 years.

Recording Date: April 7, 2021

The All Important Operations Plan