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Jake Linn is a business management consultant with over 25 years experience in the areas of performance improvement and major change management.  Jake works with individuals, teams and organizations to help them clarify their organization and objectives.  With deep expertise in overseeing production as well as associated support activities for manufacturing, Jake offers a unique blend of leadership and tactical expertise that follows from his numerous engagements integrating quality control and supply chain management with engineering and product development faculties.  Jake has successfully worked with international and domestic businesses, and has vast expertise with confronting the challenges of our dynamic and competitive corporate landscape.  Jake has considerable expertise in the high-tech sector, having led organizations in the telecommunications, information technology and semiconductor industries.  An empathetic manager who places great emphasis on people and team development, Jake has had extensive exposure to senior management at all levels and the ability to work well with all ranks of clients.


Jake holds a BSEE From Lawrence Technology University and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He has extensive experience with Six Sigma methods and tools, and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt and received black belt training from the American Society For Quality. 


Some selected Accomplishments include:


Engineering and Manufacturing


Developed and implemented a streamlined product development process for a train control manufacturer, including the implementation of an engineering management system.  A tollgate-based product development process improved time to market by 50%, while revisions to the engineering change process reduced change cycle time by 50%.


Led the design of the next generation call recording product line for a telecommunication manufacturer, including managing release of software and hardware components.  Product lines were delivered to market on schedule, delivering top line revenue of $30MM annually.


Planned and implemented a manufacturing ramp-up and retooling program for an industrial equipment manufacturer to meet exploding customer demand from 10,000 to 20,000 units per day.  Responsible for introducing automation and robotic assembly for a manufacturing process, including a program for procuring $10MM of automated machinery, transfer lines and assembly equipment. 


Integrated two high technology acquisitions into a telecommunications equipment manufacturer, with $160MM in revenues for the acquiring company and no disruption to “business as usual”. 


Improved operating results for a Fortune 500 chemical production company through a restructuring of the support organization for two large chemical production plants.  Streamlined the organizational structure and processes, achieving $10MM reduction in annual operating cost.


Developed a business case for manufacturing migration from Mexico to China.  Initiated a detailed cost/benefit analysis, led the identification of strategic drivers, and assessed a variety of outsourcing scenarios.  Led the organization in the implementation of the migration and the transfer of inventory, tooling and training to on-board the new supplier to internal technology, process, testing tools and troubleshooting, achieving a 30% cost improvement.


Developed a new manufacturing site in Costa Rica for a semiconductor design and fabrication company.   Responsible for site selection, employee training, systems and process setup, hiring and training a management team and successfully achieving a 50% reduction in corporate production costs.


Operations Optimization


Led cross-functional team for a chemical production company to develop and implement a customer service and order fulfillment process.  Initiative included selecting and training new leadership team and customer support representatives.


Achieved a 15% improvement in add-on business for a managed hosting provider; increased customer retention strategies by developing and implementing new processes to enhance the customer experience.


Oversaw a high-risk crisis situation for a managed hosting provider where multiple high-value clients were reviewing contracts under renewal.  Initiated a root cause analysis process, redesigned support and service procedures, recruited and cultivated a new technical support staff and account managers to improve customer focus.  Resulted in all clients renewing their long-term agreements.


Developed and implemented a consolidation of sales and marketing operations for a large insurance company, from five regional operational centers to two; responsible for a fully realized cost reduction of $11MM.


Led a cross functional team for a telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the implementation of Oracle ERP in North America.  Planned the migration, introduced an employee training program and initiated system set-up and implementation on time while enhancing corporate performance.

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Business Operations

Industry Experience
  • Manufacturing & Industrial




Six Sigma Black belt training, AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR QUALITY

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