Highlighting our mentor, Bob Shiff

Another great mentor that has volunteered for our NW chapter for 8 years now, is Bob Shiff. Bob has worked in the Consumer Electronics and Finished goods industries, working for General Electric, Toshiba America and Canon USA during his career. His expertise is in the areas of Marketing, Sales, and Advertising.

When asked why he volunteers with SCORE, Bob responded: “Desire to utilize my business experience to help for-profit and nonprofit businesses. I have found the work helps my clients and proves rewarding to me. I enjoy helping clients understand that establishing and operating a business is a commitment. One to themselves, their family, and their community. Done well, they will be successful. Done without asking the right questions and without due diligence, will result in a frustrating and unwelcome result. “

Bob feels he can help clients in the following way: “Every business person is unique. She/ he has individual strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to identify the strengths and develop those traits and see the weaknesses and work to overcome those issues. I try to emphasize that the process is the key. As she/he learns about a value proposition or to create an elevator speech or to write a business plan, they are learning to better analyze and evaluate this concept or some other business idea. My goal is to help the client better understand the journey upon which they are seeking to embark. “

Reach out to Bob at robert.shiff@scorevolunteer.org or visit our website to find other mentors to help you with your business. www.northwestnj.score.org


Bob Shiff