Highlighting here another of our Certified SCORE Mentors in the Northwest NJ Chapter, Steve Perlman!

This week we are highlighting, Steve Perlman, our Northwest NJ Chapter, Membership Chair.  Steve has been a wonderful advocate for finding and supporting new mentors for our chapter.  Here is some information about Steve and his background.  Feel free to reach out to him directly if you are looking for a certified SCORE Mentor with his background and expertise.

Steve has worked in the Electrical Industry as a wholesale Distributor to retail, construction, institutions, and other industries.  Over his career, he has been involved in growing small businesses and scaling them into multi-location organizations, organically, as well as thru acquisitions.  His experience scans starting businesses, handling sales, opening new locations, as well as turning around troubled companies.  He has also worked with managing non-profit organizations.

When we asked Steve why he volunteers for SCORE, he responded: “I love all aspects of business, I like listening to business stories and helping people. I have been successful in business and SCORE gives me an opportunity to give back, to help entrepreneurs with emerging businesses. What I like most is the satisfaction it gives me seeing others reach their goals.”  His sweet spot is helping his clients by listening to everything they have to say, by not judging.  He works with SCORE Clients to analyze their issues and set expectations to work towards reaching their goals.

Steve is one of many wonderful, dedicated, Certified, SCORE Mentors available to help new and existing business owners thru their expertise and the resources available thru the SCORE organization.  Contact Steve at steven.perlman@scorevolunteer.org to take advantage of his years of business experience!

Steve Perlman