The first special networking event for SCORE Northwest NJ was a great success.

We heard inspiring stories from several of our mentoring clients who found working with their SCORE mentor to be very rewarding. Attendees asked, "when are you doing this again? It was great!"

What's Next?

Continue your education.

Our SCORE chapter is dedicated to bringing you educational events every month from experts in their field. Business growth doesn't happen by guessing - arm yourself with knowledge. At a very minimal cost, you can be on your way to becoming savvy in many business development topics that you can put into action immediately.

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Get yourself a mentor.

Several attendees took the next step and signed up for mentoring at the event. If you were not able to, it's your turn. Some of the questions we answered were:

What location do I enter? It's up to you. You can enter whatever zip code is most convenient to you. Also, there are SCORE mentors throughout the country, so location is not really a primary concern.

What if the first mentor assigned to me is not the right fit?  In truth, no one person will have expertise in every field of business development. That's why SCORE mentors work as a team. If you need help in specific areas, trust your mentor to pull in the appropriate person for your project.

Sound good?

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